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Brenda Nash


Helen Armstrong-Bland
Artist web site

Brenda Nash has been an artist printmaker for 30 years, and studied printmaking at Norwich School of Art and Design (NUA) , where she was awarded the Fine Art Prize. 


She has recently completed a month long residency in the internazionale Scuola Di Grafica in Venice in the Autumn, where she specialised in saline etch and cyanotype.


Brenda mainly works with traditional printmaking techniques, but also includes mixed media at times. She is keen to explore new ideas and approaches to incorporate with the more traditional aspects of printmaking. Brenda is environmentally aware, so investigates 'safe processes', using materials that are normally used around the home. 


She has exhibiting widely in East Anglia and becoming a member of Gainsborough House and more recently in the creative hub of Waterfront Studios of the University of Suffolk. 


Instagram: brendanashartist


Cyanotypes Workshop

The cyanotype process was developed as one of the early photographic processes in the late 1800s and has recently enjoyed a revival alongside Camera Obscura. 

29 - 30 September 2018

Non Toxic Etching

Learn the ancient process of etching a practiced by the Old Masters and up to present times. 

To be confirmed

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