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Mandy Brannan


Helen Armstrong-Bland
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Mandy Brannan is a London based book artist, papermaker, art tutor and workshop leader, she attended Loughborough College of Art and Design and Camberwell.


Since the 90’s Mandy’s experimental papermaking practice has been developed by combining both Japanese and Western papermaking methods. By using traditional bast fibres (gampi and kozo) with leaf fibres (abaca and sisal) she creates complex patterns and layers that are influenced by her research. Mandy’s main influence, within her book arts practice explores her personal interaction with the architecture of London. 


Mandy’s teaching methodology has been honed over several years. By using her knowledge of historic and contemporary papermaking, her practical experience and her understanding of the skills necessary to make papers with all manner of materials. 


Plant-based Papermaking

All those plants out there in your garden, along the hedgerows or the flowers in that vase on your table ... what kind of paper will they make? 

13 - 14 October 2018

Fusion - Experimental Papermaking

Experiment with the traditional Japanese style of paper making by combing hand beaten kozo fibres with personally sourced materials. 

To be confirmed

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